Enhance every journey with peace of mind, equip your RV seats with Fangsheng safety belts
Enhance every journey with peace of mind, equip your RV seats with Fangsheng safety belts

3 point seat belt with emergency locking retractor for RV driver and passenger seat

3 point seat belt application in RV and motorhome

Three-point seat belts significantly reduce the risk of injury in the event of a collision by spanning the passenger’s shoulders and lumbar region, providing more comprehensive protection than traditional two-point seat belts.

We utilises its in-depth knowledge of safety design and technological innovation to comply with the highest safety standards to provide innovative seat belt solution applications for single, double and multi-occupancy seats in motorhomes.

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Three-point seat belts, recognized for their superior safety features, have become the standard in vehicle safety due to their effective design. By extending across the passenger's torso from the shoulder to the opposite hip, these belts distribute the forces of a collision over the stronger parts of the body, such as the chest, shoulders, and pelvis. This design significantly reduces the risk of injury compared to traditional two-point lap belts, which only secure the lower body and can increase the risk of abdominal injuries in high-impact collisions.

At Changzhou Fangsheng, we leverage our extensive expertise in safety design and technological innovation to create seat belts that not only meet but often exceed the highest safety standards. Our commitment to safety is matched by our dedication to innovation, allowing us to offer tailored seat belt solutions for various seating arrangements in motorhomes, including single, double, and multi-occupancy seats.

Understanding the unique demands of motorhome travel, where passengers often spend extended periods on the road, our seat belts are designed to provide both exceptional safety and enhanced comfort. For motorhomes, which serve both as transportation and living spaces, the importance of safety cannot be overstated. Our three-point seat belts are engineered to offer robust protection in a range of scenarios, ensuring that all occupants, regardless of where they are seated, are securely protected.

Moreover, our approach to seat belt solutions in motorhomes is holistic. We consider the specific dynamics and use cases of motorhomes, which can differ significantly from those of standard passenger vehicles. This includes taking into account the varied seat configurations and the need for flexible seating that can accommodate both the dynamic environment of travel and the static needs of habitation.

Changzhou Fangsheng's innovative seat belt solutions for motorhomes are a testament to our ability to blend advanced safety technology with practical application, ensuring that every journey is as safe as it is comfortable. With a focus on cutting-edge safety features and user-friendly designs, we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in passenger protection in motorhomes and beyond.


Automotive Quality 3 Point Retractable Seat Belt For Motorhome And RV Seats

Customized The Seat Belt For Your Motorhome And RV Seat

3 point car seat belt for RV single, double and multi-occupancy seat.

ELR retractor seat belt for different mounting angles.

Different color webbing of seat belt avaiable.

Multiple buckle type and anchorage options.

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