What Is Safty Seat Belt ?

An assembly having webbing, buckle,  adjusting component, and an attachment member securing it to the interior of a motor vehicle for use in mitigating the extent of injury to the wearer by restricting the movement of the wearer's body in the event of a sudden deceleration of the vehicle or a collision, and comprising a device for absorbing or rewinding the webbing.

Types Of Seat Belt

Seat belts can be classified according to the number of mounting points, 2-point seat belts, 3-point seat belts, multi-point seat belts; they can also be classified functionally as retractable seat belts and non- retractable seat belts.

Lap Belt

Two-point seat belt across the front of the wearer's pelvic position.

Diagonal Belt

A belt which passes diagonally across the front of the chest from the hip to the  opposite shoulder.

Three Point Belt

A belt which is essentially a combination of a lap strap and a diagonal strap.

S-Type Belt

A belt arrangement other than a three-point belt or a lap belt.

Harness Belt

A s-type belt arrangement comprising a lap belt and shoulder straps;a harness belt may be provided with an additional crotch strap assembly.

High-Quality Standards Of Seat Belt Compotents

Seat Belt Webbing

A flexible component used to restrain the occupant's body and transmit the force applied to the seat belt anchorage point. Different pattern and color of webbings are avaiable.

Seat Belt Tongue

Seat Belt Retractor

Seat Belt Buckles

Seat Belt Pillor Loop