Quality Management

ISO 9001 Certification

In the safety business, quality is directly related to life. For this reason,  we  implement and follow strict quality programmes for the automotive industry. We have developed a demanding quality management programme, which has been audited by a third party to ISO 9001 and is implemented in strict accordance with the standards to ensure that your needs are clearly understood and met.

Production Certifications

We test our products internal to the highest international standards and by third-party certification companies to ensure compliance with the regulations of the respective markets. Product regulations for applications and target markets include: ECE R16, ECER4, FMVSS 209, FMVSS302, SAE J386, SAE J2292, ISO 6683, GB14167-2013, GB14166-2013.

Quality Control

As a seat belt manufacturer, Changzhou Fangsheng Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. is deeply influenced by the rigorous cultural background of its engineer team, which is technology-based and always regards quality as the life of the enterprise. The company has its own advanced testing equipment, which is strictly implemented in accordance with international quality standards to ensure that each product can meet or even exceed the expectations of customers. This culture of unparalleled attention to quality is the key to our standing out in the fiercely competitive market.


At Changzhou Fangsheng Auto Parts Co., Ltd, we understand the importance of every order, no matter how big or small. Therefore, we pay equal attention to every detail of packing and shipping to ensure safe and accurate delivery of products to every customer. From the careful selection of packaging materials to the strict shipping inspection process, every step reflects our respect and responsibility for customer commitment and our insistence on the concept of "no matter how big or small safety is". For Changzhou Fangsheng, every shipment is not only the delivery of products, but also the delivery of quality and trust.